Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's Growin' On? Part 2

¡Hola amigos! It's been like 3 weeks since my last garden update so I figured it was time. The past few weeks have been very prosperous for most things growin'. We also added a few new plants namely mad chile peppers, some tomatoes, and a watermelon.

The Oldies

Eggplants on the left and leaf lettuce on the right. The eggplants haven't really changed at all. If anything, they look a little sad. Come on eggplants, you can do it! The leaf lettuce on the other hand - almost ready for salad madness.

Onions - making slow but steady progress.

Carrots - really picking up the pace.

Beets - looking healthy.

Romaine Lettuces - also looking bangin'.

Radish - harvested half of them beauties! Dan used them in chicken burritos and they were delicious!

Pumpkin - I'm really excited about growing a pumpkin from seed. This is one of my proudest plants.

Brussels sprout - The single germinated brussels sprout now looking really well established.

Potatoes - which I never even planted are now taking over! (In a good way.) There are two plants, and they're growing tall and stocky. In front you can see the new jalapeño plant too.

And look who decided to show up! One little summer squash. (Please squirrels don't eat.)

The New Additions

Jalapeño - Really taking off. Plenty of little buds already starting to form.

Close up of the first little jalapeño.

Anaheim - Doing alright. No real buds to speak of yet.

New Mexico Big Jim - You can see a couple little buds here which is really exciting. Dan is from New Mexico and we both love LOVE New Mexican chile peppers. We weren't sure if we could grow them in the cooler, wetter PNW climate, but figured it was worth a shot. If we can even grow ONE chile I will be proud!

New Mexico Joe Parker - Just another variety of NM chile.

Watermelon - Just a little guy cause watermelon is delicious. 

Tomatoes - Three little tomato dudes. You may have noticed this is a different section of the yard. Well, my logic here is that the raised bed sits directly under our neighbors giant hundred year old black walnut tree. After a little bit of research on companion planting I learned that black walnut trees can stunt tomato growth and potentially be toxic to the plant in general. So we put the tomatoes in the back corner. Hopefully they get enough sun.

Anddddd we added a little chiminea and some simple furniture so we can be more comfortable chillin' in the backyard. 

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  1. i love these posts you all rule keep on rockin in the tree world