Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vegetable Gardening Adventures: Part 2


Top o' the mornin' to you, blog readers.  Here is the second update of my rooftop urban vegetable gardening experiment.  As you may remember, about a month ago, I started some lettuce seeds in seed starting pots on my roof.  Against all odds (AKA I am a total gardening noob) they sprouted, and now somehow I have some containers fulla lettuce baby plants going to town, I think they might be able to be picked by this weekend!! These pics are actually almost a week old, everything is now about an inch or two taller.  Woot!  The arugula is still doing the best, but the other two varieties have caught up pretty well.

I planted them in these weird little containers I got at the 99 cent store.  They didn't have holes in the bottom so I popped some out, which kind of just made them crack and break up, so I lined the bottom with kraft paper, then a layer of lava rock, then my potting soil.  When I transplanted them, I watered them  with a good dose of organic fertilizer.

Some god damn evil creature has been eating my geranium (which is down on the patio) and I have a hankering feeling that something else has been slowly munching on my basil, but so far the lettuce seems relatively intact.  Go away you satan creatures.  666

Here's what else is goin on up there.  From L to R - Basil (looking scrawny AF); Lemon Thyme; Cherokee Purple Tomato (from nursery); Anaheim Pepper (from nursery); Mini Red Bell Pepper (from nursery); Yellow Pear Tomato (from nursery); Italian Oregano.

The tomatoes and peppers will be transplanted this weekend into 7 gallon nursery pots, then brought into work where we have a sunny balcony.  The herbs will stay up there, they were a small investment so I don't really care if they don't work.  But obvs I mean, I want them to thrive.  THRIVE MOTHERFUCKERS.

Next item of business - check out that dirrrrrrtttttttttttttttttt.  That is my seed starting mix - one part perlite, one part vermiculite, one part peat, per this recommendation.  Then wetted down good...

...and put into my DIY newspaper / kraft paper pots.  These things are janky AF but whatevs, yolo.  I weighed them down with lava rock, then filled 'em up with my soil mixture.  Then, labeled with homemade labels made out of plastic straws and masking tape, then my seeds went in.  The seeds that I am attempting to start here are:

After I planted, I plopped them on the heating mat I bought, put on the lid, and let 'em sit.  After a couple hours the heating mat seemed to be putting too much heat on the table I had put it on, so I put down a towel, then the mat, then the seed tray, and that seems to be good.

I checked this morning and...... the tomatoes are sprouting!  No sprouts from the peppers yet but that isn't surprising, peppers apparently take longer to germinate.

I moved the ones that have sprouted to a window so they can get light, since after they sprout they no longer need heat, just light.

Sprouts!!!!!  Ok that's as up to date as I got for y'all, plant on mofos.

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