Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lynn's Apartment: The Kitchen - BEFORE


As I said yesterday, one of my main undertakings this month (my deadline is when Cheryl and Erica come visit, sup bbs :-* ) is to try and make some sense of our kitchen.  Since we are renting, we can't make any drastic changes to say, the cabinets, countertops, flooring material etc.  But there is one blank wall that I want to focus my attention on and create a kind of recycling / organization area / extra counter space / a little extra storage.

The above photo shows the wall in question, taken this morning without tidying up at all so it's REAL.  You can already see the Stendig calendar hanging roughly where we want it.  And the bags of recycling mingling with a broom and an empty Trader Joe's wine box ugh. 

This is the view standing in the corner by the fridge, looking back at the living room and counter.  See how all the cabinet doors are open?  And some of the drawers are slightly ajar.  Effffff.

The post-it hanging beneath the ladel on the side of the upper cabinet is a list of what I want to include in the organization area.  So far it is:

  • Recyling 
  • Empty paper bags
  • Plastic bags (although those may be dwindling now with LA banning plastic bags)
  • Place to put our massive wood cutting board 
  • Place for dirty dish rags
  • Wine rack

The camera was having a hard time focusing this morning, sorry I was in a rush.  But here's the floor.  You can't really see the full glory of the eff-ed up ness but you can kinda get an idea in the glare to the left, where there's a bunch of scuffs.  I briefly picked at some of the stains with my fingernail last night and they kinda came up, which gives me hope.  I may have to buy a scrubber brush and just scrub away.  Ugh

Here is the wall in question as seen from the living room.  The trash can is currently hiding in the corner next to the fridge which at first seemed like a good plan, but now that corner just gets really funky, like when we miss the trash can with food waste that just sits behind the can in the corner until I mop and discover it.  Ick

I dunno this picture is kinda worthless.  The big ass wood cutting board above the dishwasher is going to be relocated to the new counter area.  Also I wanna move the wine / liquor in the corner to the new area and keep this as clear of clutter as possible.

Ugghhhhhhh blurry.  But this is another view, I dunno.  Our food cabinets are overflowing.  Ack.  Help.  Ok time to paint (this weekend) !!!!  #prayforme


  1. Yoo - a thought about the cabinets - are the doors easily removable? If so, maybe you could store them away and do open shelving on the top and/or some curtains on the bottom?

    1. you know, i really like that look in the picture but the insides of our cabinets are so messy i don't think i'd be able to make it look good, i think we just hvae to try and be more dilligent about closing them OR i could try to like grease them maybe so theyre easier to slide shut idek