Thursday, June 26, 2014


Just when you thought this blog was nothing more than vegetables and gardens - a new feature appears on the right side bar. What's that? PREGNANCY? Whaaaaaaaaa.......???  

Yes, it's true...I'm pregnant! Oh man, so much to talk about now...where to begin?

So in April I had an ultrasound to identify the cause of my abnormal menstrual cycle. I was diagnosed with PCOS, and I started seeing a naturopathic doctor who changed my diet and had me start taking a variety of supplements. DIM and Chaste Tree Berry were two in particular that I think had a positive impact on my body. I also started getting weekly acupuncture. The doctor gave me an estimated time frame of 1-3 years to conceive.

Fast forward one month to the middle of May. I woke up with an excruciating headache and nauseous as all hell. I didn't think anything of it. Maybe I was getting sick? I went on with my normal daily routine, and around lunchtime I went to have a salted avocado. Well, let me tell you, I eat a salted avocado almost every other day. And on this day - it was the most revolting thing I had ever seen, smelled, or tasted - in my life - no hyperbole. Now I knew something was wrong! That evening Dan and I got a pregnancy test.

Well there it is! When I came out of the bathroom I just started hugging Dan and crying. 1-3 years??? More like 1-3 weeks! I took another pregnancy test the next morning just to be sure - yep still pregnant. Ahhhh we couldn't be happier!

Last week I went in for my first midwife appointment and we were able to hear the heartbeat. This was one of the most crazy and fulfilling moments of my life. I'm so glad Dan recorded a whole 10 seconds of it. The look on my face is both "wtf is this real" and "omg this is real".


Then today we had our first ultrasound. What a trip.  When you get a visual of what's actually growing inside of you - it becomes ultimately real. Up until this point, even with the heartbeat, it was still all very abstract. 

We didn't find out the gender yet, even though we really want to know. I keep looking at these two pictures and debating. The first image looks like it has obvious little boy parts, but it's gone in the second and looks more like a girl. Idk idk, can't wait to find out though! 

Check out that hand! So cool. Anyway, last but not least, I have some bump pictures for you. I feel like I've looked about the same since week 10. Actually I think I looked the biggest in week 11, but maybe I just ate too much junk food. Also...I've lost 5 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. Beer weight? Probably. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pacific Northwest Vacay: Lookbook 2k14

What up y'all.  I'm going to be visiting fellow blogger Meg up in Portland in a few short days so you KNOW I'm getting my Pacific Northwestern Lookbook together.  This is also kind of a crossover with my fave camping things at the moment.  See ya on the trailz bitches.

1. 12 Piece Enamelware Set
2. Topo Designs Roll Top Backpack
3. EMS Fleece Vest
4. Tevas Original Universal Sandals
5. Outdoor Wine Glass
6. Headlamp

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camptown USA - Camping in Big Bear


Hi y'all.  It's been a while since I posted anything non-gardening related so here's a camping post.  We went to camp just north of Big Bear about a month ago, at a campsite called "Hanna Flat".  It ruled.  Here's some pics because I just discovered VSCO Cam ;)

Leif got us a new tent :)  Marmot powahhhh

So I took a tent selfie lol Hi!

We hiked up to the top of this little hill behind our campsite to watch the sunset / take pics.

Camping rules!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's Growin' On? Part 2

¡Hola amigos! It's been like 3 weeks since my last garden update so I figured it was time. The past few weeks have been very prosperous for most things growin'. We also added a few new plants namely mad chile peppers, some tomatoes, and a watermelon.

The Oldies

Eggplants on the left and leaf lettuce on the right. The eggplants haven't really changed at all. If anything, they look a little sad. Come on eggplants, you can do it! The leaf lettuce on the other hand - almost ready for salad madness.

Onions - making slow but steady progress.

Carrots - really picking up the pace.

Beets - looking healthy.

Romaine Lettuces - also looking bangin'.

Radish - harvested half of them beauties! Dan used them in chicken burritos and they were delicious!

Pumpkin - I'm really excited about growing a pumpkin from seed. This is one of my proudest plants.

Brussels sprout - The single germinated brussels sprout now looking really well established.

Potatoes - which I never even planted are now taking over! (In a good way.) There are two plants, and they're growing tall and stocky. In front you can see the new jalapeño plant too.

And look who decided to show up! One little summer squash. (Please squirrels don't eat.)

The New Additions

Jalapeño - Really taking off. Plenty of little buds already starting to form.

Close up of the first little jalapeño.

Anaheim - Doing alright. No real buds to speak of yet.

New Mexico Big Jim - You can see a couple little buds here which is really exciting. Dan is from New Mexico and we both love LOVE New Mexican chile peppers. We weren't sure if we could grow them in the cooler, wetter PNW climate, but figured it was worth a shot. If we can even grow ONE chile I will be proud!

New Mexico Joe Parker - Just another variety of NM chile.

Watermelon - Just a little guy cause watermelon is delicious. 

Tomatoes - Three little tomato dudes. You may have noticed this is a different section of the yard. Well, my logic here is that the raised bed sits directly under our neighbors giant hundred year old black walnut tree. After a little bit of research on companion planting I learned that black walnut trees can stunt tomato growth and potentially be toxic to the plant in general. So we put the tomatoes in the back corner. Hopefully they get enough sun.

Anddddd we added a little chiminea and some simple furniture so we can be more comfortable chillin' in the backyard. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Smog Bushes: Week 10

Cherokee Purple

Awwww yayuh look at that beauty.  Week 10 bitchessssssss, things are getting RIPE!!!!

Yellow Pear is YELLOW!!!!!!!!  And worty... :/

Anaheim's getting red!!!! (but still really small.....hmm)

More Cherokee Purples!!!! :D

Big Rainbow - lots of yellow leaves and holes :(

Now for the bad news..... All of my plants seem to be INFESTED with some kind of worm - I found little green worms on the eggplant, and everything has holes on the leaves and piles of little brown poo pellets.  Grrrr!! I've tried blasting everything w/ an insecticidal spray but no luck.  So now everything has tons of yellowing leaves too....hmmmmm

Yellowing Big Rainbow :/

Here's a closeup on some poo on the Hillbilly tomato.  Grrrrrr

Hella poo + holes on the eggplant :/

But some good news - the Hillbilly produced it's first fruit!  So I'm hoping I can get these worms under control, but it seems like everything is still plugging along regardless.

Ok that's all for my garden update, namaste *_*

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Smog Bush: Week 8 (I think???) IDEKNEM

Sup phreaks.  I'm here for the I guess mandatory weekly update on my weird garden I started at work.  I only inspected the garden briefly this mornin' for fear of being discovered by a coworker while I was like petting the plants and whispering sweet nothings into their ear/leaves.  So lezzzz go:

Well well well what have we here...

Yellow Pear still has fruit, but the leaves at the bottoms are yellow.  I've read that this is NBD, could a sign of lack of nitrogen ?, so I added fertilizer last week but as you can see it's still just kinda sitting on top.  Hrmmmm.  Maybe I'll try and swish it around a lil some day this week.  Also this one hasn't really produced any new fruit lately...

This motherfucker keeps on growing.  I realized the bottom of it makes it look like a frankenstein fruit.  This is Cherokee Purple BTW.  It's developing some purrrttyyy stripes ^_^

This is the one mutant diseased fruit I posted last week - I asked around on my tomato forums (lol) and people seemed to think those marks are from a stink bug or leaf footed bug...??? Ew.  I haven't seen any more spots like that or bugs though, sooooo maybe it was a drive by eating.

Next on down the line, the mini bell pepper.  This thing is growing WEIRD and the fruit aren't growing particularly fast.  But it seems healthy-ish and there's tons of blossoms so w/e.

These two, SMDH.  The one on the left is a Black Cherry tomato, on the right is a "Goliath" (per the label)  Upon my research, there are different varieties of Goliath.  These were both planted out on the same day.... so why TF is one like triple the size of the other??? I have literally no idea.  The "Goliath" doesn't even look like a tomato really, but I mean, I guess kinda it does.  I'm thinking this must be a "Determinate" variety..?  But anywho, Black Cherry is lookin' healthy at least.

Peppers!!!!! Mad peppers.  I sprayed the shit out of this bad boy last week w/ an insecticidal soap and it seems like it's working???  I haven't found anymore aphid residue (aka poop) on the leaves, sooooo hopefully that is good.  There are SO many peppers now that I'm afraid they're not going to get big?  Should I pick some??!! Should I pick a peck of peppers ahahahahahhahahahah sorry I can't control myself

NEXT: big rainbow.  Biggggggggg gay rainbow.  This mofo looks fine.  Getting big actually, although slow to blossom.

Eggplant!!!!!  I found a mushroom growing in the bottom of this one yesterday..... ew.  I still probs need to chill on watering woops.

Andddddddd last but not least, HILLBILLY.  This incestual freak is growing quite well, although it is also kind of slow to blossom.  I just bought some new tomato fertilizer so I'll give all these guys a boost next week.

Ok that's all for now ~peace be with u~