Sunday, October 5, 2014

Waffles for breakfast??

Sup erbody? Quick post on a topic near and dear to my heart right now – waffles

HEY NOW…ok I’m sorry. So I’ve read a few books recently about the deleteriousness of grains and sugars on the brain. I was horrified by what I read. Consumption of “modern grains” has been linked to the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and gluten catalyzes all sorts of ugly responses in the human body. Cue someone saying “But I don’t have Celiac disease so who gives a fck?”, and to this I respond, this is bigger than Celiac disease, so fuck you.

ANYWAY, in July I eliminated grains and most sugars (save "low sugar" fruits) from my diet and I feel fantastic! Heh sike, there’s definitely a very perceptible improvement, but there are still strides to be made. My boyfriend Morgan has a life-long love affair with waffles.

Morgan just now in the other room

He is also pretty gung-ho about experimenting with grain-free/sugar-free meals, so we have created, regretted, and rejiggered various grain-free waffle recipes. I’ll go through a few here, including our earlier experiments in the pre-grain-free days:

      1) Regular waffle mix – We used Pamela’s gluten-free pancake mix (rice flour, buttermilk, almond meal, and tapioca flour). Standard fare waffles, i.e. delicious as fuh. I’m not eating gluten-free grains anymore so I probably wouldn’t use this now, but I would highly recommend to gluten-free peeps out there.

        2) Oatmeal waffles – We mixed oatmeal with a bit of the gluten-free waffle mix and golden flaxseeds. This is my favorite of all the waffle batches we’ve made. So hearty, so satisfying. My mouth is watering. Must…forget. We made a second variation without the gluten-free mix and they were dense. I really liked em, but I can see how most people would be like…this has gone too far.

      3) Coconut meat waffles – We shredded the meat of two coconuts in a food processor, added coconut milk, almond milk, coconut oil, greek yogurt as a binding agent, and waffled the resulting substance. The first attempt had a lot of issues. The meat refused to emulsify with the liquids, so it steamed a ton and basically crumbled back into meat dust.

After the waffle mix turned into dust, Morgan made it into bed for poached eggs. Tres chic.

For attempt #2, we used 6 eggs and more yogurt. I would call attempt #2 a success, but for the fact that we ate 6 fcking eggs for breakfast. The waffles still lacked some structural integrity, but they kinda-sorta held. This batch was very coconutty and dry so I added the leftovers to some greek yog with blueberries. Mmm I miss them. Great as they were, they took an exorbitant amount of time and effort to make, so we probably won’t be making these again any time soon.

4) Coconut flour – You can use premade coconut flour for a fraction of the time investment. We used Trader Joes coconut flour. These taste like standard waffles. Required a hefty egg investment, but that was anticipated from previous waffle failures. Only complaint is the lack of originality.


       5)  Flaxseed meal waffles – Oh god no. After the first waffle, I could tell something was very wrong. We added more eggs (failure), more yogurt (fail), more grapeseed oil (nope), more yogurt and almond milk (no), and finally 2 MORE eggs, and it was still pretty crumbly. I think our 5th waffle didn’t crumble into nothingness when we touched it and I cried.

      6) Banana waffles – Mashed ripe bananas with almond butter. Tasted like dayummmmm.

      7) Spinach waffles – Spinach, almonds, coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut flakes, almond milk, and eggs to a food processor. We ended up just making pancakes out of the mix. Was A+.


Ok I am getting tired here so just a quick note from Morgan…

~Morgan’s corner~

In most recipes above, the coconut flavor can be minimized by adding vanilla extract. Also, these were all (with the exception of the gluten-free mix) prepared without adding baking power. Adding a tsp of this to any recipe above would probably have reduced the amount of yogurt or eggs required by at least a third (we used 6 eggs in the coconut, coconut flour, and flaxseed meal waffles).

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Clothes Post: Palm Springs Wedding Outfit Choices

Hello blog readers.  I have spent the past few months agonizing over what dress to buy for my coworkers wedding in Palm Springs.  That's kinda exaggerated and also it's really fun to shop for dresses so it's not like a woe is me situation.  But still, this shit is very hard to get just right.  Here is the criteria I am working with.


  • Long sleeve (at the very least 3/4 length - no visible tattoos)
  • Suitable for a few hours of hot afternoon sun, but also cold desert night once the sun goes down
  • Sophisticated enough to be in front of my bosses, but colorful and "fun" because it's Palm Springs duh
  • Under $100 because I am poor (but semi-flexible if I find the *perfect* dress)
  • Short-ish so I don't have to get it tailored because all maxi dresses are like massive robes on me
First of all, I'm planning on wearing shoes that I already own, because I have a lot that I hardly ever wear and like, economics.  Here are my two contenders:


I'd prefer to go with the Steve Madden booties because they are WAYYYYY more comfortable than the sandals, but the sandals are a little more formal and wedding-y?  However, if I wear these shoes there is a 100% chance that by the end of the night I will be walking around the wedding venue barefoot carrying these in my hand.  Is that a look I want to have in front of coworkers?  IDK..maybe?

I'll probably pack both and make a game time decision.

Now, onto the dresses.  Here are the top contenders I've got so far:

I really really love this dress, but it's like over double my budget.  ~Le sigh~  I keep checking back to see if it miraculously goes on sale but so far it hasn't.  :(

I really like this one too, it's different, seems very "architect"y to me, but might be a little too um... like I'm wearing a plastic bag?  But the price is right, and I think if properly accessorized it could be a winna.

I like the idea of a mini shift dress, because it's like, sophisticated and not slutty but still like, playful?  IDK.  This one is kinda boring though.  But I like the details 

Another shift dress - also like this one a lot.  And the price is also right.  Hmmm.

I wore a "body conscious" dress not unlike this one to the last wedding we went to and I really like the way it fit me, and I like this one.  But the fabric might be too thick and wintery for the desert?

UGH so many choices, so little time.  I will try and remember to take a finished ~outfit pic~ at the wedding to post a follow up.  Peace out y'all B)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Camp Chilltown: San Gorgonio Wilderness Camping


Ah, wilderness.  There is something deeply soul-invigorating about leaving the city and entering these vast semi-wilderness areas.  We are lucky to live within a two hour drive of so many beautiful and straight up majestic places here in Southern California.  This past weekend we went to the San Gorgonio wilderness area and it went above and beyond our expectations I'd say.  We camped at the San Gorgonio campground which is just up Route 38 from a little town called Angelus Oaks.  It is North of San Gorgonio Mountain, which I recently learned is the tallest mountain in SoCal.  You could see the weird, bare peak from our campground which was cool.

The campground was great - we occasionally heard some motorcycles rumble by from the street, and there were some super loud / semi obnoxious youth group types which screamed and were like really enthusiastic about life in general which was kind of annoying, but honestly the area was so beautiful it didn't even bother us.  Our site was as far from the road as we could be, and backed up on a basically unused hiking trail which lead us to this amazing clearing with views of the valley to our north and San Gorgonio Mountain to the south.  So obvis we went there for sunset to get some #dope #sweg sunset pix.

There were some clouds coming over the top of the mountains on either side which looked super dramatic and sick.

Angelus Oaks just down the street, with this weird and poorly stocked general store. 

The boyz

Hehe <3

The set up.

This may not look good but I tell you, eating anything while camping and outdoors makes it the most delicious thing ever.  This was broccoli slaw and some chicken sausages roasted over the fire.  Nom.

Anddddd camping Moscow Mules?  Yes plz.  #SponsoredPost (JK)

San Gorgonio - A++ camping experience, would camp at again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Camptown USA: Idyllwild & the San Jacinto Mountains


Ahhhhh, nature.  It's been a long ass time (three months!) since we've gone camping, and I have got the nature urge going strong.  Luckily we are camping this weekend!  But that made me realize I never posted pics from our last excursion, which was to the San Jacinto mountain area, to the town of Idyllwild.

We stayed at the Mt San Jacinto State Park Campground, specifically at site #19.  The campground is not exactly remote, located just off the main road into Idyllwild.  The sites are kind of crowded, and in the middle of the somewhat suburban part of Idyllwild.  But, we still had a blast!  Our camping neighbors were kind of all up in our site but we made the most of it.  Plus, the campground is a short (5 minute max) walk to the central town area of Idyllwild, where there are cute restaurants and shops and things.  We walked into town for some drinks at this restaurant (Jo'An's... sick name btw) with an outdoor beer garden type place where the service was kind of shitty but there was ~Live Music~ and it was fun.

These stores were just down the street from the campground so if you forgot to pack something, you're set.

During the day we went on a short hike, but it was super hot and dry and not exactly great hiking weather for our lazy asses.  Still, some purrrty views of the mountains and shtuff.

Back at the campground - obvis Leif brought his axe and axed things. 

That's all for Idyllwild - we are going to the San Gorgonio campground this weekend so um maybe in three months I will post pics of that.  Namaste *___*

Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 Pregnancy Favorites


I can't stress the importance of moisturizing your entire friggin body like every day during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. I really like this one because of its limited number of ingredients and lack of weird chemicals. It is thickkk and feels like real butter, but because of that it takes a while to dry and sometimes cat hair and dust start sticking to my skin. Lol tmi?

This is my alternative belly butter. I know, I know...Burt's Bees is owned by Clorox, and this one does contain a bunch of ingredients I can't pronounce, but fug it. This shit works. I use it after every shower - everywhere. My butt, thighs, stomach, lower back, bewbs, neck, etc etc. So far I have been stretch mark free. Can it remain that way until the end? *fingers crossed*

Oh my god, pregnancy hormones have destroyed my face. I am oilier than a slice of NY pizza, and I have acne worse than I did in middle school. Thank Jebus this foundation exists. It is oil free with a matte texture that helps balance the grease melting out of my face. It also covers discoloration really, really well. Like *~so~* well. I'm continually impressed. It's one of the best, if not the best, foundations I've ever used.

This is my daily facial moisturizer. Another oil free product that leaves my face feeling smooth and bright. It also has an amazing scent. It's like a natural herb smell, idk I can't really place it, but I love it. 

Yoooo sweaters. Fall is around the corner, my favorite season. I have always loved big, baggy, oversized, comfortable sweaters. But now that I am pregnant they will clearly be a staple in my fall wardrobe. I am currently wearing a vintage knit sweater from St. John's Bay similar to the one I linked above.

On the opposite end of the wardrobe spectrum...the weatherperson is still forcasting 90+ degree days. So I can't quite pack up those shorts just yet. These shorts from AA are my all time favorite. I have them in black, navy, and red. They are thick (yet lightweight), comfortable, and fall perfectly just below my belly. 

I should've listed this item up with the other beauty shiz, but whatever, my bad. I've never regularly used a toner before, but once this oil problem started I had no choice. This one is great. It contains only natural organic ingredients, and it's very lightweight. It minimizes the oil without drying out my skin. I use it after showering before the Ole Henriksen moisturizer. 

Have you ever seen what happens to a women's body during pregnancy? Your stomach and intestines get smashed up so tight it's no wonder heartburn is such a common symptom. I've used this tea a couple times now as a remedy and it works wonders. Highly recommended.

This tea on the other hand I've started drinking more regularly to tone and prepare my body for childbirth. The main ingredient is red raspberry leaf, which apparently is supposed to be a pregnancy wonder herb, but scientific evidence is "questionable" they say. Idk - never question the power of the placebo effect right?

Okay this last one I recommend to all people. Men, women, pregnant or not. This is seriously like the best item I have ever found. For many years I have struggled to find a good deodorant that could mask BO without making me feel like I was absorbing cancer. This deodorant is organic, handmade, and it smells like a dream. It lasts all day and doesn't leave white marks. At first I was apprehensive about applying it with my fingers, but I got over that really fast. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lynn's Apartment: Bedroom ViBeBoard


Hello again.  Here I am, back with the "Mood board" aka "ViBeBoard" for the design of my bedroom.  I just realized I forgot to put a number for the bed, but it's the CB2 "Drommen Bed" that I posted a few days ago.  

The artwork is kinda just to give an idea of the vibe we are going for.  I want a big picture over the bed, and we're going to do old black and white family pictures on either side of the bed.  The plants we already have.  And how about that marble patterned bedding am I RIGHT??  Ok here are the sources, ta ta!
  1. Elk Herd Poster - $50
  2. Ranarp Light - $20
  3. Nate Berkus for Target Vases - TBD
  4. Tall Storage Nightstand - $229
  5. Marble Bedding - $90
  6. Nate Berkus for Target Pillows - TBD
  7.  Woops Forgot
  8. Vintage Suzani - $199
  9. Perch Table Lamp - $71

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lynn's Apartment: Bed Optionz

Hi Bitchesssss,

I feel like posting about stupid furniture choices and shit is mad trivial compared to the creation of human life but it's all I got to post about ATM so without further adooo, here is a post about stupid furniture choices.

As I said in the last post, we're in the process of re-doing (but really just "do"ing because we never "did") AKA adult-ifying our bedroom.  The biggest aspect of this upgrade is going to be the purchase of a bedframe.  Our current bed is just sitting on some wood slats from Ikea that are directly on the floor.  We made a "headboard" out of a really cheap Ikea foam mattress folded in half then covered with a Mexican blanket.  It is all very college and makes me feel very unsoph(isticated). (I just made that up will it catch on???)

We are willing to invest a relatively sizable (well, for us) chunk of bling on the bed because the way I look at it, buying some cheap Ikea shi that we'll just throw out when we move then have to replace ends up being the same as just buying a new bed that'll last.  In a perfect world, our next apartment (or umm.. house?  Is that what people live in?  I forget) will have (at least) two bedrooms, so this bed frame and mattress will go to the guest bedroom and we can finally REALLY upgrade to a king size mattress + new frame.  Anywho, what I'm trying to say is, I wanna buy a bed that'll last us for a while.

Designwise - we want an upholstered headboard, for softness / comfort; we like platform type beds; Leif is really into Case Study Beds ATM (a little too DWR catalog for me but w/e); and that's about all we have narrowed down.

We have been looking at "the usual suspects" for options (CB2, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Room and Board etc) and have limited our options to the following :

"Architecture Bed" from Room & Board - $999.  If it were up to me, and money were no object, this is the bed we would get.  But Leif doesn't like it and it's at the far end of our budget so it gets the axe.

"Woodland Slumber Canopy Bed" from Anthropologie - $2698.  This one is in the same vein as the R&B bed, and Leif actually picked it out, but it's like, way too expensive. NEXT.

"Copenhagen Reclaimed Wood Bed" from West Elm - $1699.  Again, too pricey, but I like the overall style.

"Alpine White Bed" from West Elm - $599.  This one is iight, but I'm not sure how I feel about an all white bed.  And it looks a little cheap to me.  But it's not bad.

"Upholstered Sleigh Bed" from West Elm - $899.  This one is nice, we like the upholstering, the shape is interesting, but might be too tall or something.

"Mod Upholstered Bed" from West Elm - $799.  Ahhhh, now that's a nice bed.  Simple, upholstered, vaguely mid century, a kind of platform vibe going on.  This is our #2 choice at the moment.  So that just leaves... #1....

"Drommen Bed" from CB2 - $899.  Here it is, our current top pick.  I love the wood plus upholstery combo, the kind of "architectural" vibe going on with the frame (I hate when ppl use "architectural" as an adjective but TGIF smoke on that one)  The bad part is it's currently backordered till mid November, but, we really just want to be done w/ the bedroom by Christmas so it's not a dealbreaker.

Next post will be a lil moodboard, namaste everyone ^_^